4/03/09 - Small Code Re-write

Small code re-write to make updating the site easier as more content is added to the game.

3/31/09 - NDOORS acquires NHN Luminary Servers

Starting April 1st NDOORS will acquire the NHN Luminary Severs Athena and Hera. Existing players on Athena and Hera will still log in through Ijji.com. All updates, events and support will now be administered by NDOORS Interactive.

2/20/09 - MOLePoints Coming Soon

Starting February 26th, players will be able to purchase e-Pins through www.mol.com using MOLePoints.

Internet Cafés with existing MOL e-PINs may begin to redeem their Gcoins on February 22nd.

You can visit www.mol.com for more information regarding MOLePoints.

2/12/09 - Use Cherry Credits For Gcoins

Top off your Luminary experience with Cherry Credits!

Starting February 12th at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time you can use your Cherry Credits account to acquire an ePIN for Luminary, which will then be your ticket to getting your Gcoins.

For more information about Cherry Credits, visit the website www.cherrycredits.com or you can go to the Charge Gcoins page to begin using your Cherry Credits.
You must be logged in to your NDOORS Interactive account before you can purchase Gcoins.